alepine is an exceptional AMERICAN PALE ALE... but there is more to it than meets the eye - it's a remarkable idea


brewed using a super pale east anglian lager malt the colour of alepine is light and golden - it is a crisp and clean beer

bittered with english challenger hops before additional US varieties - cascade cluster and mt hood contribute to give alepine its distinctive flavour


cold conditioning and sterile filtering ensures an excellent shelf life for alepine which is packaged into recyclable 30L key kegs and 330ml brown bottles - if you have a good cellar - this is a beer for you...

at 5% abv alepine is a natural alternative to premium lagers 

but there is more than the liquid - we work with ski mountain leaders to promote avalanche safety to resort workers with events, parties and social media updates and messages directed to the key audiences who benefit

whilst alepine is a small business - we are still committed to investing a % of all company profits into our chosen ski related charities

 why?! - find out here...