trade orders

Despite being brewed for the ski slopes... the lucky bars and restaurants in London that work with us are looked after by the team directly. 

Le Verre Gourmand takes care of all Alepine French orders - and can often deliver to Switzerland and Italy. LVG is a distributer to Bars, Hotels, Tour Operators and Private Clients.

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We are currently looking for representation and distribution across Switzerland.

We support our stockists

every stockist of alepine will receive support with point of sale materials, marketing materials, and most importantly - tastings and staff training.

every client also gets listed on our website, and we will make every effort to 'bang the drum' to press and on social media to our fans letting them know where alepine can be found.


30 liter key kegs are fully recyclable after use - perfect for bars with not a lot of storage space. As a key keg is a bag of beer within a plastic outer casing - gas never touches the beer and so can be used for a longer period of time once opened.

Alepine bottles are striking in a fridge and very popular with nightclubs and bars that have dancing as people spill less out of a bottle. It is also pretty rare to have such excellent Pale Ale on offer in a trendy nightclub.

Alepine should be stored under 10 degrees Celcius and served between 4-8 degrees.