Why is Alepine brewed in the UK?!

Why do we brew Alepine in the UK, not in the Alps?


The reason Alepine started was to get better quality beer to the Alps. For us, quality and total consistency has to come before provenance… are your clothes all made locally or in China? Are all the food ingredients made locally or from across the world? The beer world is pretty contradictory at the best of times - bars claiming they like to stick to serving local beer - meanwhile having Heieneken, Peroni and all sorts of other brews also on offer… We think provenance CAN be overated, and is not as important as quality and consistency… (Better to have a bar that has amazing beer and thus is popular and employs loads of locals than one that is half full as the beer isn’t utterly amazing - product before provenance). 


Whilst the brewery scene is improving in the Alps, we are not going to risk any kind of lapse in consistency or quality for the sake of brewing Alepine “locally” (there are some amazing breweries starting out in the mountains, though we are finding that the consistency can alter from brew to brew whilst the brew kits they use are still so small and can be harder to manage). Our carbon footprint has actually been calculated to be better by brewing in the current newly upgraded and advanced brewery than by starting up in France - we fill a lorry with beer before driving it to the Alps - so bottle for bottle, pint for pint, the footprint is minimal. 


For Alepine - this is about the beer in the customers hand - not its provenance, gluten content, organic status or any other point of sale that other brands might boast. And we are quite open about our provenance and why we brew in the UK - financially it might be better to brew in France, but for us - making money is secondary to getting the BEST and consistent product to the skiers and boarders in the mountains. 


To recognise the fact that every now and then someone may not like this we suggest that bars, restaurants and chalets do serve Alepine alongside other beers, local and international.


Also, in recognition of any provenance sticklers, we also have made a startup pledge to donate 20% of all Alepine’s net profits to not only our Alepine Backcountry Scheme that offers talks on Avalanche Awareness to resort workers, but also our chosen ski charities that focus on getting disadvantaged, disabled and terminally ill children qualifications in instructing and opportunities to ski in order to inspire and improve their lives - skiing has long been for the elite, we want to help get everyone skiing who wants the opportunity and more importantly - we want them skiing with a really tasty pint at the end of the day! 


So in short - we supply sublime beer to local businesses, which helps contribute to the local economy and environment as much as if not more than other local businesses. We are truly committed to the mountains and the people that enjoy them, and hope in the future to work even more closely with them (perhaps even brew here also) but for now - will not jeopardise on the quality of the product.



David HolmeComment