The difference between an elevator pitch and a chairlift pitch...

Last Wednesday, I was privy to attend and supply Alepine to a very interesting and new event. The London launch for the 2016 City Ski Championships being the highlighted event by Momentum Ski - the corporate ski specialists. Anyone with any business should check out momentum's website where there are more details: 

This is all background to what I am getting to - elevator pitches.

It was Ben, one of the directors of Momentum, who brought up the idea, which instantly clicked... It came about whilst discussing the merits of taking corporate entertainment to the Alps, and how Apres Ski is one of the best places to network (you have lots of successful people, in a great mood, probably a few glasses of rose down, admiring anyone who is not carrying a snowboard)...  

Lets start with a traditional elevator pitch: In London.

elevator pitch

You are going to be bricking it, most likely hungover, smelling of the district line (you probably live in Fulham - kill me now), you are in a corporate environment, with collars and ties and have you got the right aftershave on? (You wear aftershave?!?) And then the CEO Angel investor is in the queue for the bar, or in a cliched world - in the lift (elevator) with you... and 5 other execs. You start to mumble something, and realise the moment has gone. Great pitch.

The same thing happens the next day, apart from this time, you put out a handshake and cockily start your schpeal before his phone starts ringing and he takes the call. 

I could go onto other failed attempts - but I'm going to save you time - get to the City Ski Championships.

The Alps - Verbier, hangover has long gone (danke mountain air) and its a 12 minute chairlift.

The Angel investor, a massive potential client, or lets face it - the chick from lunch you never got to meet because Toby already nabbed the sheepskin chair next to her and plied her with Gamay and humour... is 3 rows ahead of you in the queue. You duck under the rope into the ski school queue, and just as the barrier is shutting, you make it onto the outside lane of the moving conveyer. Perfect, especially as India is on the outside lane and there is a bit of a shuffle before you are sat very cosily to her for the next 12 minutes. 

Now lets say India is all of the above (Angel investor, a massive potential client and the gorgeous snazzy skier of the 20 strong group you are with that day), you now have 12 minutes to make your move in any way you please (I cannot give tips here as am an amateur at any kind of pitch). But ultimately the scene is set for a successful pitch.

Beautiful chairlift view, a happy chairlift companion, a bar at the top, a slope after the bar down to dinner.... Ahhh glorious.... for 2 days then back to the district line and Lynx Africa. 

Skiing is the best networking environment - it is people doing what they love, in amazing settings with cracking parties. Anyone who likes skiing, and can get hold of a corporate credit card - convince your bosses to let you take some clients out to Verbier to the City Ski Championships, and generate your company some business. You will most likely come home with a big fish in the bag one way or the other - and not have to take your headphones out in the elevator back in London.

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