£1300 for Kronenbourg... hmmm

I repeatedly get the response to Alepine sales pitches that "the guests tend to lean towards the main lager brands..." .... urm do they have a choice?!

The ski industry is ticking over, but still it is a luxurious holiday for the wealthy, or those that save up especially for it. And in an age where food and drink has been quietly having a revolution - you will not get away with pulling the wool over customers eyes when it comes to your selection of beers available in your “luxury chalet”. I want to explain why it is insulting to your clients to only have a choice of mainstream lagers on offer.

A ski holiday now is not going to leave you with much change from £1300 realistically. And thats just the start. In my words below I am using the £1300 mark as an example, but often this will only just cover the Chalet accommodation and in-house food and drink - not the flights, ski hire, lift pass and of course lunches on the mt. You could easily say £2000 is par for the course these days skiing.

But if I was spending £1300 on myself for a week in London, New York, Cape Town … or just my local village in rural England… there are certain standards and options that I would expect… for example:

  • Loo roll - if I am spending a minimum of £1300 on a holiday, I would be pretty annoyed if I had budget bog roll.
  • Chocolate - I would not expect to have a penguin bar (as amazing as they are) as an after dinner chocolate to go with coffee. 
  • Local cheese instead of Cathedral Cheddar. 
  • A glass of something rather special or perhaps different, possibly local to round off a meal. 
  • The meal itself - I would like good food, perhaps not always local, but certainly not beans on toast.

Ultimately, I am not getting beans on toast in a Luxury Chalet, no budget bog roll, no cheap cheddar…

So why (especially in the mid - upper end) in the ski chalet market, would I be happy with a bland, mainstream, mass produced and cheap as chips lager….??! The reason I would like a cold bottle of tasteless cats piss is this: Thats what is on offer. 

“Do you have a craft beer?” 


“Do you have a local beer” 


“Do you have a tasty beer”

“We have Kronenbourg or Stella Sir…"

“I’d rather drink WD40 in a sewer… Do you have any beer other than this cheap crap that I can buy in my local Londis?” 



So £1300 later, and I have to wait to get home to London to have a tasty hoppy craft beer.

Luxury has a whole new meaning in this new age of food and drink, and its not cheap lager - Step out from the crowd. Offer what others are missing. Have a crate of Alepine at the ready. It’s got a 9 month shelf life. Everyone loves it. 

Email alepinebeer@hotmail.com to make an order for your Chalet this winter. Or call to have a chat - 00447825776055


Oh and also - 20% of Alepine Ltd’s net profits go straight to our selected ski related Charities - Snowzone, Caring Cancer Trust and Starlight - all giving Children from different disabilities, illnesses and backgrounds to use skiing to improve their life. 


Oh, also one more thing - the Alepine Backcountry Scheme - is a fund for buying avalanche kit for free loan, and for educating resort workers about avalanches - this is also made up of the 20%. 


All done - Danke Darlings. David x

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