What to do in Summer...? Don't go abroad you numpty!

It has long been a mystery to me why on earth people pack their suitcases, have a scrum on the tube/sit in traffic, queue in the Airport, have a nightmare journey to somewhere that is quite hot and fun... when it is 32 degrees here...!?!

Why go on holiday to somewhere hot, during the best weather we have in the UK...?! The choice of things to do, and times to be had at the moment are endless...

Take this weekend for example :

Thursday - all day game of cricket with a looong lunch with the wine trade.

Friday - 36 holes of golf with the marketing guru Archie Wilkinson - hearing about pavegen and the future of energy, golf and the universe.


Sat - 6.30am gorgeous start to a day of cricket on the banks of the river stour playing a 20/20 cricket match before breakfast. Then a 30 over game with copious cold beers to justify lingering in the hot outfield.

Sun - The glorious woodpeckers had a limp start to a game down in Surry - only to harden up for a close finish. Yet another fantastic day out in the sun...

Monday - More cricket with the Gents of Essex - back at Felsted, where we were beaten but still a close finish.


I am exhausted - but exhilarated - cricket and golf was my pick... but there are endless things to do at home ... all ending (or starting) with a decent pint of something cool... save the hot holiday for gloomy February surely!?! 


David HolmeComment