Pulled pork, Croquet & Colchester Brewery!

A wonderful weekend. Simply brilliant.

The Millers came and joined, what fantastic friends they are... as did Bill and Min, Marcus and Emma, our new neighbours Jamie and Sian, and of course Poppy home from Durham, her Uni mate Giulia, Baptist the french woofer and Fraser French popped in for some of it... 

Windy (Hugh Miller) and I spent a fair amount of time drooling over the 8kg boned and rolled leg of pork, and slowly cooked it on the BBQ and in the Aga for 16 hours for Sunday lunch.


Saturday was a washout - plans for tennis were replaced with a trip to the brewery up the road to pick up a pin of beer so that we could enjoy the benefits of some good beer whilst knocking some croquet balls about. Tom kindly donated a pin to this cause and we thoroughly enjoyed the best part of it that evening into the solstice. A hoppy, floral easy to drink pale ale called Metropolis was quite delightful, and Windy and I agreed arguably impossible to beat - a local fresh ale whilst wielding a mallet - perfect!

More croquet, ale, plus the pork and extra company on the Sunday left me feeling overwhelmed with joy. And inspired to have another cracking week!