Are you going skiing for over £1000? You wouldn’t expect budget loo roll, so why settle for budget beer?!

(gruff voice)RETURN BOOKINGS I HEAR YOU SAY???!!!  

(normal yet strong and passionate voice) Yes indeed!!!! We all know it is the little details that make the difference, and results in return bookings... whether you are an Airline, Chalet Co, Masseuse (ahem), or a Restaurant...

Rewind 20 years to a time of Ski holidays made up of coarse loo roll, vinegary wine and endless Spaghetti Bolognese - amazing at the time, but things have moved on, and when clients are paying on average over £1000 for a weeks skiing... budget bog roll would be pretty insulting... So why would you settle for budget beer?! 

Our findings over the last year have shown quite clearly, that for the extra expense - stocking quality products, results in an impressed client, who is likely to rebook next year. This makes Alepine a seriously valuable addition to the bar in hotels, chalets and bars who are forward thinking enough to stock it this year.

We are delighted to announce that you can now order Alepine through our distribution partners Le Verre Gourmand.

Le Verre Gourmand supply Chalets, Hotels, Bars and Restaurants with exceptional wines, and now Alepine also. Like Alepine, they started as a company to change the wine scene in the Ski industry, and boy are they doing well - the end user now expects a half decent bottle of wine, and in our humble opinion (shared by Le Verre Gourmand) this is now the case with beer... (Pardon the pun)

We are proud as punch to announce this partnership, as Le Verre Gourmand have seen excellent growth in the last few years down to their exceptional and reliable service, focus on quality and utter passion for what they do. These are the value we are looking for in clients going forward also.

If you already order wine through LE Verre Gourmand, simply add on a case of Alepine to your next order...

If you are yet to experience Le Verre Gourmand's seamless experience see below:

To order a case of 24 bottles, or a 30L keg call/email:

Alepine direct (David) - +44 (0) 7825776055 /

Le Verre Gourmand

Office/Warehouse +33 (0)4 50 58 59 81

Adam +33 (0)6 48 14 48 92

Roch +33 (0)6 85 45 90 98

Jane +33 (0)6 75 86 19 60 (work mobile)


Alepine just got that bit easier to get hold of... now it is up to you to impress your guests... 

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