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Some people are all about provenance, whilst they wear clothes made in China, and regularly drink beer from the USA. So I don't feel the need to justify the way Alepine is produced, but I want to anyway - and highlight other things that we are working on, that should shut up any critics of what is a fantastic and beautiful beer.

Alepine is a new Pale Ale which is designed to offer a choice, combatting the monopolies of the cheap, mass produced, heavily branded lagers on offer in the bars and restaurants in the Alps. Its main aim is to change the beer scene and challenge the hold of the mass produced, mainstream lagers.

On the side to Alepine, there is a small charitable initiative. As the beer is currently produced in England, many people in the Alps may question its provenance and therefore authenticity… We would love to produce in the Mountains, however, the quality of the beer cannot be compromised - as the most important aspect of Alepine is it’s undeniable high quality. Quality first - Provenance second.

To address the discontented followers of Alepine, we have come up a charitable sideline to show that we are here to make things better in the mountains, and what we lack in provenience, we make up for in goodwill, forward thinking and an honest passion for the Mountains. See below for details.

20% of Alepine Ltd's net profits are pledged to go back into the mountains, in the form of supporting 3 charities, as well as our 'Alepine Backcountry Scheme'.

The 3 charities are ones that I have come across over the last 2 years, and have been impressed by their work...

Snowcamp - that uses a unique combination of skiing, snowboarding and life-skills programmes to support inner-city young people.

Caring Cancer Trust - that takes children who have suffered with cancer skiing, to help boost their confidence after what could have been an ordeal that made them miss a lot of the crucial confidence growing school years.

Starlight - a charity that gives amazing experiences and grants the wishes of terminally ill children. We want to pledge funds to go directly into a ski fund for the charity.

Lastly, the Alepine Backcountry Scheme is an initiative that aims to better equip resort workers to ski more safely off piste. As resort workers are not the most highly paid of people - we plan on throwing a party in every resort we sell in, which in order to attend, resort workers must attend a Avalanche safety lecture the preceding afternoon. On top of this, we will put funds into buying equipment that attendees of our Avalanche lectures can loan free of charge if there is a powder day, or if they wish to ski off piste, but are lacking the equipment.

There are too many tragic deaths in the mountains from avalanches, and a lot could be avoided if more people had better knowledge and equipment. Having worked seasons, and knowing how workers choose lifestyle over salary - we want to help make sure this lack of salary doesn't compromise safe off piste skiing.

20% of Alepine's net profits, are distributed evenly to the above. Though as Alepine is a new company, it is taking time to generate a profit of any kind, as we are unfortunately competing against inferior cheap lagers - and the Craft Beer Boom of America and UK is yet to establish in the Alps.

What do you really want to drink? What do you live for?

Best Wishes, and I hope to share a few beers with you all this winter! (btw brilliant Christmas gift... Christmas Case)

David Holme

Founding Director, Alepine Ltd